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Heirloom home recipes. Sprinkled with passion. Baked with love.

The story of Reddelicious was born through simple invitation to a join a short course in baking back in 2014. What started was a mere past-time grew into something more for Thess Gubi, who, eventually came to appreciate the delicate process involved in every baked goods. She wholly embraced the need for consistency and precision in baking, and not too long, she went her way through the trial and error phase and mastered her own strokes.

As she took baking into heart, her family and friends became her first customers and critics. Her baked goods became a staple in their gatherings, parties, and other events, either as dessert or as gifts. All the cakes, muffins, cookies, and other pastries were received with warmth, support, and much gusto.

As baking became her respite and baking supplies shop her heaven—she found both joy and peace in them that she had her father build a special cabinet for all her supplies. Unfortunately, her professional career got in the way and she had to set aside baking for a while.

But the recently-imposed quarantine measures paved the way for her to rekindle her relationship with baking. All thanks to her sister Len, who, took interest in creating delectable Filipino delicacies, Thess found herself revisiting her recipes, taking her supplies from her baking cabinet and whisking away anew.

This time though, with new recipes and products added into the mix, the sisters have decided to become really hands-on in Reddelicious. Their commitment to baking started with the formal establishment of a business name, which is actually a fun play on their nephew’s name Redd and Filipinos’ favorite word “delicious.”

Now, one month since they taste tested, gathered feedbacks from their close friends, and created their signature Reddelicious Taste, they are now ready to go in full swing in providing delicious products made fresh daily, using only the finest ingredients from their humble home kitchen. Whether you are in search for desserts, baked goods or Pinoy delicacies, Reddelicious will surely give you your money’s worth, make your tastebuds happy, and fill not only your tummies but also your hearts with so much love.

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